28 Aug

CityLab interview about cycling, migration and hope

Sarah Goodyear from CityLab, a news source dedicated to the people who are creating the cities of the future, just published a splendid interview with Fadi, the director of Mama Agatha about cycling, migration and hope.

“Normally, most stories about immigration tend to focus on the suffering, which I believe is fair since that is a reality, but my intention was to make a film about someone who was able to turn their suffering and loss into something positive. I believe hope is very important because without it, what is the point of living, whether you are a migrant or not.”

21 Jul

Another fantastic article on Zeronaut.be

Zeronaut.be is a Brussels-based web portal dedicated to the sustainable revolution. We are super honored that Mama Agatha served as an inspiration for this fantastic article about cycling policies in Brussels by journalist Floris Van Cauwelaert. If you read Dutch, go ahead and check out Zeronaut.be. Their articles on cycling and sustainability are top-notch!

10 Jul

Mobycon feature on Mama Agatha

Mobycon, the Delft-based independent  traffic, transportation and mobility research and consulting company, published a feature on Mama Agatha in their June newsletter. Check it out!
The team of Mama Agatha would like to thank Annie van Cleve for conducting the interview with Fadi, and her colleague at Mobycon Angela van der Kloof, who has been a tireless supporter of Mama Agatha from the start. Mama Agatha would not be possible without Angela’s help and expertise – in fact, Angela is a pioneer of cycling courses for immigrant women, who started this work 20 years ago and also trained Mama Agatha herself.