The Crew

Fadi Hindash


Fadi is a filmmaker of Palestinian origin working in the Netherlands. A graduate of the New York Film Academy and a Berlinale Talent Campus alumnus, Fadi is focused on character-driven and thought-provoking stories. His award-winning films toured the festival circuit and screened on TV in dozens of countries around the globe. Read Fadi’s director statement about Mama Agatha here.

Sanna Mensonides


Sanna studied Cinematography at the Dutch Film Academy. She was the DP for numerous short films, including the award winning short documentary Farewell Facebook. Sanna has worked in all genres: on music videos, commercials, corporate films, fiction films and documentaries, the last usually focusing on a social theme.

Nina da Costa


Nina is a seasoned cinematographer and focus puller who has been working in the Dutch film industry for over two decades and helped shape the look of many jewels of Dutch cinema. She studied at the Hague School for Photography and the Vrije Academie in the Hague.

Susanne Helmer


Susanne started working at the Dutch radio station VPRO while studying art history. After years of making radio programs she started doing the same for television, but sound recording always stayed in her field of interest and became her full-time occupation.

Leleane Lindenaar


Leleane has a passion for sound. After completing the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam she has worked on several films and documentaries, like Ik stond erbij by Niels van Koevorden and the wildcard winner Hoe ik mei en jullie voel by Anna Peeters. For the last film she was not only responsible for the recordings but for the sound design and mixing as well.

Niko Hafkenscheid


Niko Hafkenscheid composes music for contemporary dance pieces and films. Over the last years he worked with the American choreographer Meg Stuart, the Belgian choreographers Joke Laureyns en Kwint Manshoven and the Israeli choreographer Dafi Altabeb. He composed the soundtrack for e.g. Simple Appareil by Jean-Christophe Cavallin, Shadowwarriors by Bart Vermeer and Not quite the Taliban by Fadi Hindash.

Marek Jancovic


Marek is an independent producer based in Amsterdam. He has a background in marketing and distribution of documentaries and art house features and working experience in the European and East Asian markets. His interest lies with films that critically address identity, community, freedom, and systems of oppression and resistance.