11 Aug

Screening: Cycling and Society symposium London

The Cycling and Society symposium series was launched in 2004 at Lancaster University. The symposia, held annually around the UK, are linked to the Cycling and Society Research Group whose members span many disciplines and approaches to the study of cycling.
The next Symposium will be on 7th and 8th September 2017 on the theme of #CitiesToShare, and will be held at Imperial College London, and we are happy to announce that a screening of Mama Agatha will be part of the program on the first day, September 7.

Take a look at the website for more details.

03 Jan

“Beautifully shot and full to the brim with life” – Louise Bawtree’s review of Mama Agatha

A very happy 2016! Did you have a good start into the new year? We are all kinds of delighted and honored to start this year with Louise Bawtree’s recent review of Mama Agatha. Louise is Associate Producer at Quandary Productions and saw the film at Aesthetica Film Festival in York a few weeks ago:

What is most striking about the film, besides it being beautifully shot and full to the brim with life, is the character of Mama Agatha herself. Her vulnerability and pain, hidden behind her selfless actions. A woman who has dedicated her life to community, seeking no reward. We get used to documentary being about politics, handled like a thriller and usually about revealing secrets, even simply about passing on information, we sometimes forget that they can be more profound by focussing on the everyday. This was one of the best short films I saw this year and I encourage all to check it out.

We also encourage you to check out Mama Agatha if you get a chance at a film festival or cycling event near you, or suggest to your local cycling organization to get in touch with us about organizing a screening. Read the full review here.

28 Aug

CityLab interview about cycling, migration and hope

Sarah Goodyear from CityLab, a news source dedicated to the people who are creating the cities of the future, just published a splendid interview with Fadi, the director of Mama Agatha about cycling, migration and hope.

“Normally, most stories about immigration tend to focus on the suffering, which I believe is fair since that is a reality, but my intention was to make a film about someone who was able to turn their suffering and loss into something positive. I believe hope is very important because without it, what is the point of living, whether you are a migrant or not.”