11 Jun

First teaser released!

The very first Mama Agatha teaser is here! Have a first exclusive peek into Mama Agatha’s cycling class with her and Sulan, a Chinese woman who is just taking her baby steps on the bike.

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03 Jun

Filming starts on Mama Agatha


Aaaand action! Mama Agatha just entered production a few minutes ago! We’re super excited to start filming together with a diverse and colorful group of women from all around the world determined to master the bicycle, and our talented crew – director Fadi Hindash, cinematographers Sanna Mensonides and Nina da Costa, and sound recordist Susanne Helmer. Stay tuned for some exclusive previews of the first footage.
This documentary is made with support from Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and Camalot.

13 May

Mama Agatha website launched!

We are very happy to unveil the new website for Mama Agatha! This website is the central resource for all things related to the short documentary, so keep checking back. We start filming in June 2014 and will be posting pictures and teasers regularly. You can add this site to your bookmarks (press Ctrl+D/⌘+D in your browser) or like Mama Agatha on Facebook:

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10 May

Mama Agatha receives support from Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

AFKWe are thrilled to announce that Mama Agatha has received production support from the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts supports projects of artistic excellence that make a significant contribution to the cultural life of the city.  Both the characters in Mama Agatha and the filmmaking team come from all corners of the world, and all of them found a home in Amsterdam. As an international project that is at the same time deeply rooted in the city’s diversity and cycling culture, we are very honored by the fund’s trust in the project.
At the beginning of July, together with a new group of students in Mama Agatha’s class, we will begin filming Mama Agatha.